“It is a honor and privilege to be the medical director for Beth Casse’s skin care practice opening at her new location on April 7th. Beth has always stayed current by learning new, progressive techniques to enhance her client’s experience. She is kind, gentle, and very skilled, the type of professional I would want my family to see. Her new location will offer the same quiet, private atmosphere that you expect and deserve. I know you will enjoy working with her.”

~ Douglas R Murphy Jr. M.D

“Beth is a fantastic aesthetician who provides such a relaxing spa-like experience but with products and experience that are professional grade, making treatments beyond just a day at the spa.”

~ Claudia J Emmons M.D.

“Beth Casse is one of the Aesthetic Professionals in the industry that truly understands the Biology of the Skin and Body, and seeks ways to get the optimal outcome for her patients. Beth is on a continuous path of education and performs treatments for her clients that are progressive and client focused. She truly understands that beautiful healthy skin is through guided care, not a billable treatment. She is on a continuous path of finding the most progressive and natural methods and products that work with her clients’ skin types and issues. She’s a respected professional that understands and also personally uses and endorses the products and modalities she uses and recommends for her clients.”

~ Kim Zielinski
BRS Products
Stem Cell-Based Cosmecuticals & Therapeutics

“Beth has taken care of my skin for many years. She has the unique ability to tailor her clients treatment so that they are individualized regardless of age or skin condition. She puts her clients above her own personal gain and this is what the world could use more of, putting your best foot forward using your skills, for the betterment of others. Beth is always learning and we, the clients, benefit. I wish her success in opening Beyond Skin in Ocala. It will be beyond great!”

~ Susan Behringer

“Time and time again I’m asked how I keep my skin so beautiful. My answer is “Beth!” Her years of quality treatments and her recommendation in her selection of quality products that are best for my skin type, have made the obvious results. Beth has been a wonderful consultant in my daily compliance as well. My skin in no way reflects my 70 years of age. THANK YOU BETH!”

~ Karen Groom